6th Mail: Progress 2019 and 2020 plan

The only thing that is really needed in the world is an authentic spirituality. The selfish knowledge of today separates us more and more from the spiritual experience, the material life with the purpose of satisfying myself, it creates a feeling of emptiness, we move away from the connection between us, it separates us from…

5th Mail: UnityCoin Architecture, Progress Report and Next Steps to Token Launch

Review of work done in our expected goals in 2019 Finish the video series explaining UnityCoin. Done Make the video series explaining E-Nation. Done Make micro videos to promote all our projects. Translate our videos into English. Is in progress. Create our foundation to receive donations and be able to make the media campaign. This turn…

4th Mail: Unitycoin videos and myths of nuclear energy

Welcome new subscribers to this new family, where we preach that love and unity are the foundation to solve all problems in society. We finish the year 2018 and close it with two new deliveries, an article on the important issue of energy, specifically nuclear energy and the first video from the series explaining the Unitycoin…

3rd Mail: The knowledge of Money gives us Freedom.

In this third mail, makes us very happy to invite you to join our Youtube Community, we began publishing a series of videos (we have 5 published), to clarify once and for all What is Money? What is Money? Money is a vital component in our lives, in fact, is so important that we spend…

2nd mail: our cryptocurrency

Welcome new subscribers to this your new family. In this second email, we continue with the preparations for the media campaign to publicize our solutions. Unitycoin Unitycoin, is our crypto currency to give the economic power to citizens and to build a society in harmony, financing the necessary local projects. In this opportunity we make…

First mail and purpose

First of all, we want to thank the Nature for each one of you, for subscribing to our Mutual Welfare list, welcome to your new family. This is the first email we wrote to our subscribers, since the launch of this page in the year 2013.

Google Shares Our Vision

Our ideas of architecture, discussed in the company Google.

Model of Political Participation

Participation model based on our book for Venezuela.

Our book. 2nd Edition

Second edition of the book “Mutual Welfare Society”. Available in three languages.

First Workshop

Interactive workshop composed of games and audiovisual material based on our book.

Book “MWS (SBM)” in Spanish French English

Book “Mutual Welfare Society” first printed edition in Spanish.

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