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Reality is constantly changing, old paradigms stop working, they collapse and we need new paradigms. To do this, we must go back to the roots, ask ourselves why we do things like this? Can we do better today? what have we learned? This applies to both society, the state, the family, the economy, spirituality, science,…

Organic Architecture for almost infinite scalability

The world has become more global and complex, where everything is controlled by software from airplanes to cars, every day we depend more and more on software that is unreliable and expensive to maintain, if we do nothing, we will continue to have serious accidents such as Boeing 737Max. Our lives are being affected by…

Tourism Proposal: Retirement Colonies in Venezuela

Venezuela has a great advantage, its excellent geographical location and therefore its climate. To be located in the north of South America is a strategic point to enter South America from Europe, Africa and North America. Turistically it has a wide coastal front full of beautiful beaches that overlook the warm waters of the Caribbean…

Competition in Natural Monopolies eliminates Bureaucracy.

Until now, strategies for citizens to obtain quality and low prices in natural monopolies have failed. In the case of public companies waste, bureaucracy and / or low quality of service characterizes them, and being private companies the public regulator is corrupted to the highest bidder. What other strategy can solve this problem?

What do we really know about nuclear energy?

If we ask an ordinary person who knows about nuclear energy, many will say: nuclear energy serves to produce electricity and to make nuclear bombs, and it is very dangerous, since it produces highly toxic radioactive wastes that last thousands of years, and producing horrible cancer and genetic mutations. Being able to say that nuclear energy is malign,…

Centralized Decentralized and Distributed, from the Pyramid to the Circle.

Both in the computer world and in the world of politics, there is talk of replacing Centralism. What other organizational forms are there?

Telegony, the social atomic bomb that explains this violent society.

The study of biology allows us to better understand human behavior. It is the vain pride of the human being, which makes us believe that by using toilet paper we are no longer animals or follow the biological instinct.

Las fallas de la democracia

La democracia es el sistema de participa colectiva mas conocido, pero no el único. Presentaremos sus fallas y las soluciones a estas fallas.

Taxes and Tariffs

Taxes and tariffs are financing mechanisms for states, so that the state has the money to pay government employees and maintain their facilities.

Indicators of the Economy of Mutual Welfare

Traditionally the well-being of a country has been measured by an economic indicator known as Gross Domestic Product. Many have pointed out their weaknesses and have tried to improve it.

Middle Line, the Opposites Union

The source of many of the problems that afflict us in today’s society, come from the system of collective decision-making. That is why it is one of the main paradigms that must be changed in society.

Pure Capitalism, Healthy Capitalism.

Much has been written about capitalism, a system that existed thousands of years ago, although the word “Capitalism” was patented by Karl Marx in the nineteenth century, but was not fully developed either by Marx or by anyone before, what is Capitalism? How does it work? What are its parts? In this article we will…

Discover the Change of Paradigm

Since we are in an era where the technological advances grow faster than the speed in which these changes are being absorbed by the society, the word Paradigm is used even more by the visionaries and pioneers of this time of changes. To highlight that we live in crisis due to the constant dragging of…

Reviewing: Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity

In this article, we are going to analyze and evaluate the current validity of the revolution slogan that boosted, at a worldwide level, the substitution of the monarchies for the “democracies” of Nowadays, the French Revolution slogan: Liberty, Equality and, Fraternity.

Circular Capitalism, a Scientific Capitalism

The world is going through a crisis, due to a constant change in the social model. In the economic environment, we hear different proposals to change the economic model: a circular economy, a common good economy, a blue economy, and so on.

Universal Basic Income Criticisms from the Leftist

Respuesta a Eduardo Garzon, quien nos escribe una excelente critica a la renta basica desde una vision izquierdista.

The Problem of the Religions and the Science

The religions and the science, are important because they mean an attempt to give a response to the question: Why is this happening?, What is the purpose in life?, Why am I here?

Citizen Stewardship and Fascism

In the current society, there is a significant need for the individual expression and autonomy. Do we have autonomy? In this edition, we are going to talk about the Citizen Stewardship and Fascism.

What Is The Purpose of the New Society?

For the first time in the humankind, we are thinking before acting. Meaning that for the first time in the history we can make a society by design, instead of what we have done so far which is improvising “as it comes, we will see“. Let’s discover what is the Purpose of the New Society? and its…

The Problem of the Supervisor and the Common Error in Social Relationships.

Muchas veces en nuestras interacciones sociales, cometemos el error de no considerar que las personas son naturalmente egoístas

Universal Minimum Income and Basic Assured Salary

El ingreso fijo mensual para todos los ciudadanos sin exclusiones y sin contra prestaciones, es un tema que esta siendo ampliamente discutido a nivel mundial

Analysis of “Alternatives to TTIP, CETA” by Christian Felber

Christian Felber is one of our favorite authors, as he not only writes but implements what he writes, we would call him an Action Author. His work on the indicators of the “Economy of Common Good” is part of our vision of society, as it is well made. In this article, Christian expands his message…

Analysis of the book “The State As System”

El Profesor Guillermo Rodríguez Urbina, nos deleita con las propuestas plasmadas en su libro.

Science, Pseudo Science and Mysticism

Our vision is based on science, applying it with a unitary vision of love. But we must clarify that we are talking about science and how it differs from other conceptions.

The Fundamental Laws of Economics

The Queen of England, when she lost millions with the 2008 crisis, asked the prestigious London School of Economics why no economist could predict the financial crisis?

Analysis of the Book “The Bad Laws”

Analysis of the book “The Bad Laws (and the way out)” by Alberto Mansueti 2009.

Spirituality in the Century XXI (II)

Definition: Spirituality is the union, connection, empathy between everything that exist, it’s the human being purpose.

Ten Principles of the New Circular Education

The ten principles that form the heart of our book.

Organic Family Farm 2.0

A family farm producing $ 100,000 per year in just 3 acres of land.

Money, Economy and Finance

Introduction The purpose of this article, is share to the common citizen, a summary of knowledge about what is the money, the economy and finance. Employing a simple and clear language.

Spirituality in the XXI Century

What is spirituality ?, this needs to be clarified.

From Classical Physics to Quantum Physics

1,920 had been collected for data that does not match the classical mechanics.

Biological Evolution

Current knowledge is overwhelming. It is necessary to rewrite the books.

The Change Makers

There are different types of Campaigner, and their difference is their strength.

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